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Lift up your head, the power to impact the universe rests in your hands. Wake up and exude the energy that magnetises success. Lift up your feet and shake off the moss of stagnancy. The earth moves at your command,  power emanates from your palms. Your crown unscathed from your ancestral struggles still shines, do not let the mysterious, foggy mist convince you it does not exist. The jewels of your crown still bear power, one turn of your head can make your enemies tremble at your feet. Using the name of the Lord gives you unspeakable possibilities. Many serpents seek to sink their fangs in your royal flesh, but no amount of poison may harm you. They may seek to entice you to give up your kingdom but your name is written in every grain of sand; every drop of rain, every leaf that falls to the ground, and with every mouth that professes your regality. Never forget the power put in your hands, never misappropriate it–your people need you.

O black man, arise. You have a people that need you to be the king you are.