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So I basically finished the whole season in no less than a day (I’m currently unwell so I had the time, don’t judge lol) and I felt compelled to write about how I found the show. Walk with me through my own personal analysis of issues presented, the plot–oh, and juicy gossip of course! It’s about to go down!

How did I find the characters?

I personally felt like they chose the perfect cast. Talented, loveable, and they have that knack of keeping your attention.

Lacey, however two faced, does actually have a good heart. She generally means well and upholds this ‘strong woman’ persona that I found quite relatable. Jo, the wonderfully awkward yet outspoken girl, grew on me real quick. She does tend to have her wild moments, but she is all round quite an interesting character.  She’s genuine and the high GPA is just the icing on the cake. Now, Danny, *waves hands to the Lord* is exactly what the show needed. Okay, maybe he was a psychopathic killer in a past life, but his oxymoronic transparency and mysteriousness did make him irresistible. Yeah, I said it. The glistening hair, the numerous heart melting smiles, and his care towards his best friends–just perfect! Woo, chile, let me stop there. Fangirly moment… awks. Lol. Awww, and Rico, God bless him. The best friend that anyone would be lucky to have, always there for Jo, no matter what. Course, he sticks his foot in his mouth a lot, but that’s what makes Rico, Rico! Totally endearing. A guy friend that’s a good influence, very rare.

Now, how about that plot, eh?

I found the plot very well done, I couldn’t stop watching. Even whilst unwell! What compliment could be better than that?

I am however very curious as to why Danny couldn’t tell Jo and Lacey why he killed his aunt, and that he was protecting Jo? I feel like it’s going to be some sort of CIA plot, something involving the powers that be in the government. Hey, I guess I watch too many crime shows! How bad could his aunt have been? However, personally I don’t trust his dad. Too many things he was doing on the down low.

Okay, so I get the whole child killer thing, but I found it weird how the kids at school were so brave to taunt him. Uh, hello? He’s a convicted killer! I would have kept my mouth shut and threw in a ‘sir, yes, sir!’ on occasion. If you’re dealing with an apparent sociopath, the last thing you want to do is rile him up to do something even more crazy. I guess those kids didn’t fear for their lives enough. They were either brave, stupid, or both! I know here in London, if someone like that was around, we wouldn’t get involved. We’d shut the hell up and pray he didn’t decide to kill us all. Common sense, right?! Haha. Bless his poor soul, he was only trying to fit in, start over a new leaf. Is that so bad for the insanely hot guy on the straight and narrow path to not killing people with jump ropes? I think not. His braveness is to be admired, there were a lot of things that he went out and did that I had to shout at my screen: ‘Dude, are you asking for it?’. But props to him, he stuck in there.

I think it was also lovely that he had such a loving mother who was willing to do anything to protect him. Even though she did the wrong things for the right reasons, Mrs Dessai’s heart was in the right place. She and Danny’s closest friends may have had wavering faith in him, but they all were there for him when it counted.

You couldn’t help but feel sorry for him as he was presented as the ostracised scape goat. Must have felt awful. But to kick him out of the school over circumstantial evidence? Totally not cool. They were looking for any reason to just get on his case. I’m glad he had principle Tang on his side, however much of a creep he was. The line of friends that were inconsistent with him, just added to the sympathy I had for Danny.

That love triangle… Total bummer.

Was I the only one that wanted to see him and Jo together? Just me? Ah, ok then… *carries on sipping tea in embarrassed fashion*

It was interesting seeing the passion shared between Danny and Lacey. Intense. As I wipe my brow, anyone else find it weird when they were making out on Aunt Tara’s grave? I was speaking to them from the futile dimension of the real world as if they could hear me, with repetitions of: ‘oh, that’s just wrong, man!’. Regardless of my moment of ‘prudeness’, there may have been some hidden symbolism in that scene. Hmm… I’m going with dead aunt’s revenge. Lacey did unceremoniously leave (something she does quite a lot actually) … Ok, I’m reaching. Haha.

I just personally felt Danny and Jo made a better match. But hey, you don’t always get what you want in life. Something Jo had to learn the hard way. But going that far with Tyler, though? Such a bad move. He does have jerk tendencies. She should have waited to be with someone special instead of being impulsive. Heck, maybe Danny could have come to his senses in time. Ah well, what’s done is done.


Overall I was impressed with the show, well done. I was never bored at any point, it had a death grip on my attention. There was a healthy amount of eye candy, it had to be said. I look forward to seeing more of Avan Jogia’s fine self in season 2. January, though? I guess patience is a virtue. A salute to the writers and cast. A job well done.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post and I didn’t give you my germs by reading this. Haha!

London love!