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For the last two years, I decided to venture into the beautiful world of Spanish music. Why, you ask? Heck, who knows! I was just curious and decided to submerse myself in it. All in all, it has been a soul changing journey, along with other things concerning Spain that just happened to occur at the same time. I grew able to sing Spanish music, I taught myself (I may just leave a YouTube link if I feel brave enough haha). I became exposed to different types of Spanish music. The type that has touched me the most and brings out the inner Spaniard (of which I never knew existed) in me is most definitely Flamenco! *cue Spanish guitar* I, in particular, wanted to write about the artists that had the most impact on me. I guess it’s my way of saying thank you to them all. 



Manuel Carrasco: 

He is one of the more recent singers that I know of. The first time I heard his voice, something stirred within my spirit. I was listening to ‘Espera un momento’, and I just got what he was singing about. I felt the emotions that he was conveying and I felt like I could relate. Not many artists have that affect on me, so I decided to hang on to him! I also love his energy, he comes across as a genuine and respectable man. Many artists get too caught up in the fame, popularity and money; however, he seems unchanged. I also feel like he would never change for the worst if he became world famous. I trust his character. I wish him more success in the near future. 

ImageMiguel Poveda: 

Now this singer, he caught my eye –or should I say ear– from the first moment I saw him on a Canal Sur special of: ‘El Sol, La Sal, El Son’. He was doing a homage performance to the veteran Flamenco singers–it was powerful. Executed flawlessly, his talent shone through. I claimed him as my own from then on! Every time he sings, he sings from the heart, the soul, and from wherever he can find feeling. He is quite unique and I admire the tone of his voice as well. A part of me wants him to be a mainstream artist for the exposure, so more people could know of his talent. However, I’d prefer not because I wouldn’t want him to lose his authenticity. Everything about him is genuine and I thank him for it. A salute. 

ImageMaria Carrasco: 

Maria Carrasco is probably top on the list of my favourite Spanish singers. I will never forget seeing her for the first time as a wonderful, starry-eyed child on YouTube singing: ‘Mi Tierra’. I was sold. I was amazed that little children could sing with such heart, fire and patriotism! You certainly do not see that here in London, that’s for sure! I was amazed, and still amazed by the quality of her gift. Combined with humility and genuineness, she has the makings of a true star. She indeed inspires me. I cannot say that many people inspire me, but I can definitely say that she does. I am proud of who she is as a person, and for the fact that she stays true to who she is, whilst going through the changes of life. She does not get carried away with success and popularity. Perfect. What also makes me so happy for her is that she has such a strong support network in her family and friends. It’s such a beautiful thing to watch. Even though it may not be something that I have exactly experienced in life, it’s good to see others happy with what I did not have. I am grateful to her as an artist and as a person. A very big salute to her. 


Buika, Buika, Buika…. This woman… She’s just phenomenal! First of all, I didn’t know that there were black people that sang in Spanish! I know, I know, it sounds ignorant. I just didn’t think there were. I just decided to look for some Black Spanish singers and lo and behold, there Buika was. All amazing and talented as she is! I think I found her after I decided to sing in Spanish. I didn’t feel so alone after then! Haha! She just exudes soul, something so authentic that the words in this blog are not good enough to describe. She is such an earthy, profound singer. Just listen to ‘Soledad’ by her… That song had me floored. Her voice trembles with power. I pray that I can meet her one day, or maybe even get to sing with her, God-willing! She indeed is one of a kind, and I feel that she deserves to be even more recognised than she is. However, that’s not so easy when the powers that be don’t want to allow black Spanish singers to be in the forefront. With time, she will shine her brightest. You can’t cover the sun, can you? It’s the same way that you can’t hide or hold back Buika forever. A respectful salute to her. 



Pablo Alboran: 

Last, but in no ways least… Pablo Alboran. He is the first Spanish artist that I discovered and loved. A voice like no other, a spirit like no other, and an energy like no other. I am happy that my curiosity led me to him. I could never forget listening to ‘Solamente Tu’ for the first time and feeling like something changed within me. It was a beautiful moment. His voice manages to travel to the parts of your soul that were dormant and have them pulsating with life again. In my eyes, he is probably one of the most vocally talented Spanish singers I’ve heard so far. The Flamenco influence in his singing style certainly helps, as a lot of the mainstream artists don’t exactly incorporate it within their own singing. 

He is the only artist that I had the pleasure of meeting two years ago in a concert of his, it was an unforgettable night. He was very kind and charming…and might I add quite happy to see me since he had discovered me singing his songs on YouTube (I know, right! How lucky am I!). It was all quite rushed and I didn’t manage to get a picture with him, but the song he dedicated to me at the concert made up for it. Hopefully, I will meet him again, we have lost contact, which always sucks when someone is a superstar, haha. So kindly let him know Priscilla is here! Haha! All in all, I am very happy for his success and I wish him the best for the future. A salute to him. 



I hope you enjoyed me sharing my favourite Spanish artists with you! Since you’ve been so kind to make it to the bottom of this post, I’ll share a video of me singing in Spanish. Enjoy! 

London Love!


-Pris (@Queen_Pris)