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What is wrong with my afro? What really is wrong with it? Does it disturb you? Does it arrest your spirit? Why have you demonised it so much that black women themselves don’t like their own afros? Why is it more acceptable for a man to have an afro and not a woman? Why should it affect a black woman’s chances of getting a job?

What really is wrong with my afro?

I don’t see any law against my hair, and if there was, I’d go to that court of apparent ‘law’ and walk proud with my afro. I’m willing to go to jail for my afro. I believe in being myself. My self is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s part of who I am, it’s a testimony of where my blood came from. Don’t you dare put your bogus standards on me and tell me how I’m supposed to look and how I’m supposed to be.

For you black men that don’t like an afro, please kindly tell me what’s growing out of YOUR head? If you don’t like an afro on me, you must hate you. That doesn’t surprise me. But it’s all love, because I deserve peace. My Afro is peace.

There’s nothing wrong with my afro.

And why do none of the women in the media have afros? And if they do, it’s a gimmick? Why can’t I see my reflection in other people? Do you put a wig/weave on a mirror? Why would you put a wig/weave on you? Your reflection shouldn’t change, you can’t change the physics of your phenotype. Why force it? Women just need to know:

There is NOTHING wrong with our afros.