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Dear Pablo,

Finally, after all this time, I have chosen to write this letter to you. Not as a crazed fan, but as an appreciator. You may never read this, maybe you may never even know about this letter, but I felt that it was time to say what was really on my heart.

First of all, I wanted to say that I am very proud of your success. I am not without doubt nor surprise that you would become as successful as you did. The world always needed someone like you, I personally feel the world was waiting for someone like you. We all thank God for your arrival, never change. Never let too many people have a say over the person that you are, and the person that you will become. Always stay true to your heart and don’t ever let your message change. Put authenticity first, and never get too carried away with fame and popularity. I know my opinion may not count for much, but it is never wrong to speak from the heart.

Be careful of bad influences, so many people who have gone down your path have risen and fallen. We don’t want to lose you. Whitney, Michael, Amy, Camarón and many precious others all lost to this game. I pray you will never be a victim. You have many people who support you and love you, and they will never let you stray away from the path.

I will never forget the first time I discovered you, the way you awoke my spirit, and most importantly the way you inspired me. I felt like I found long lost treasure! Don’t lose that, Pablo. Stay grounded, hang on to humility for dear life. I know you will do it. It’s been a long time since we met in Sevilla for the first time in 2011–that was a great day. It would be wonderful to see you again. The next time, I would genuinely like to be able to sit down with you and talk to you the way I am writing this letter. With no interferences and no interruptions. But hey, a girl can dream, right? Hehe.

I thoroughly enjoyed the YouTube videos that I made for you, each with the intention of showing my appreciation. I believe that once you find someone that’s one of a kind, you should show your appreciation as much as you can. You don’t know how long each person has left on this earth. Hopefully, you saw it that way too. I’m eternally grateful that you found them and appreciated them also. I was very lucky.

I have been praying for you as well, almost as if you are family. For God to keep you safe from harm, to lead you down the right path and to make you happy. It’s good to see that God has answered my prayers. Stay blessed and continue to be great. Maybe we will cross paths again. Until then, continue to smile and make others smile.