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This is something that I must and need to get off my chest. Being a singer myself, I’ve seen and experienced enough to understand that the music industry is a disgusting place. I also think that if it could be done, it should be abolished altogether and people should just be independent and have freedom to do what they want, and have the public decide.

One of the main things that bothers me about the music industry is the diminishing or near enough nonexistent positive black female presence. It’s wrought with unstable people crumbling before our eyes and them trying to make it look cool. I most definitely believe that there is an agenda within the music industry. Black women do not get the push that they deserve. They are much more happy to market people of a lighter complexion and leave the black women in the background. We all know where the talent is, yet there are none getting mainstream rotation. In the UK, I cannot think of any black female singers, even male singers getting the push that their talent deserves. The most disrespectful and annoying thing I’ve realised is that talented black people (especially women) are faced with the response of: ‘so what? What’s new?’ concerning their skills. That is absolutely unfair. Why should we be stereotyped for being good singers and be cut off from opportunities just because we are where the talent is at? They are happy to show a white girl that can sing (stereotypically like a black woman), but a black girl that can sing is just old news. Bullcrap.  Utter nonsense.

I believe the stupid marketers don’t want the world to see how easy it is for us to be gifted as a people. I think they are trying to erase that from everyone’s memory. The only black people they like to promote are the ones who promote a broken and dishevelled culture, and are shameless about it. This is what I find sad. The fact that some people throw their morals away and disregard the impact of the perception of their own people–just because someone waved a dollar in their face is appalling. Black people are not seen as individuals, people generally use one to judge all; and the music industry rides that all the way home.

Go to a church, a school, a university, talent is there. Talented black female singers exist everywhere, yet no one wants to promote them? What the hell? Taking into account that the aim now is for a global frenzy, and this is more likely with a white or biracial act. Well why don’t you just promote a black person just for us then?? Not everything is about pleasing the discriminative masses. There are black owned record companies out there… So what are they doing? We don’t need any soul singer wannabes, we need the originators. I believe the next Stevie or Michael is out there, but he or she is being blocked. This is because they don’t want their precious acts to be outdone. This I have experienced myself: being approached by artists and them being uncomfortable with my act because I could outshine them and they let me loose. I feel like they only want the white acts to shine and no one else. There are no more empowering positive black women in the music industry, and they are being blocked intentionally.

What really can be done? Is it a waste of time to speak up? I personally think that people need to stop relying on these brainwashing record companies and dreaming of signing their life away with a record deal. Making a deal with the devil isn’t worth it. People should seek to build an empire with their own hands instead of hoping to gain entry into another’s temporarily. A record deal isn’t the only way forward. I think more and more people should try and be independent–however difficult. It’s worth not having evil hands pulling the strings. With the power of social media, you can make your own empire quite easily. Many have done it and many can still do it. People need to deprogram their minds from thinking that the very people who seek to exploit them are the ones who want to help them.