I demand a lot, I deserve a lot.

I want to be respected, greeted with a smile. I want to be highly revered and to receive the highest etiquette. Is that a crime?

I want to be sought after, pursued. People going out of their way to appreciate the good I choose to give them on a daily basis. Is this something I should beg for? The way you respect yourself is the way should be treated in return, or no? It’s a tragedy to be around people who don’t understand, or are threatened by your quality of character.

It is indeed the truth that someone who values themselves has no problem with other people of value. For people to intentionally treat a person like they’re like everyone else when you can clearly see that they’re unique is by far one of the most malicious acts there are. This must be how a lot of people forget their worth.

I want to be asked out to dinner, the theatre, lovely events. That isn’t asking a lot. I want to be able to trust and rely on my friends. This indeed isn’t a Narnian request. A gift from here to there wouldn’t hurt either. No, I won’t call you all the time, I won’t make all the advances, and I do NOT chase.

Circumstances like these try to make you forget what you deserve. I say, demand what you deserve. It doesn’t have to be outright, but in your self confidence. It does all the explaining that you need. People who don’t believe in your worth will do everything to make you think you have none. Yes I DO have worth, and it DOESN’T rely on your perception of me. All this ‘stuck up’  nonsense gets on my darn nerves too. If a person doesn’t value themselves you have something to say, and when they do, you STILL have something to say. Some people need to remind themselves that they’re not as relevant as they think. Self respect and self worth will always be an important component of my life, and it does not belong to anyone else. No one of worth would make you feel guilty for recognising your worth. Just think about it.