Miranda shivered yet again on the cold, concrete floor and rubbed her arms in hopes of gaining some warmth. Abandonment, sadness, and worthlessness built up in her heart. She fought to choke down the tears that were fighting to break through. She was on the street. Many walkers by, not one concern. She rubbed her dirty face, whilst noticing a man on the other side of the street. He was caressing the face of his girlfriend. He then went on to pick her up and swing her around. An aura of love surrounded the lovebirds. Miranda couldn’t help but stare. Love. It was so foreign to her. Rarely shown, rarely expressed, rarely explained. Love may have well been quantum physics to her. Her stomach collapsed on itself after days of hunger.

This was her life, this was her future. To be forgotten, overlooked, disregarded. No one cared if she were dead or alive. She began to wonder why she cared about being alive. An upper class man with a briefcase glanced at her, wincing his mouth in disgust and picked up his pace. A toddler walked past, staring her dead in the eye as if to wonder what on earth she was. He looked at her as if she were a scary phenomenon. Miranda got used to these looks. She adjusted her damp blanket up to her neck. This was her reality. She had to deal with it.

A car pulled up, she recognised the man driving. Her stomach dropped.

‘Not him again…’ she gulped.

She rose to run for her life…