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How did he find meshe thought as she panicked.

A bald headed white man, aggressively came out of his black Lincoln, slamming the door with fervour. He was tall, athletic, and able to cause life threatening damage. He had a horrible scar spanning from the top of his eyebrow to the bottom of his right cheek. He snarled at the thought of having to pursue the one woman that managed to escape his deathly grasp. He started to run, Miranda caught a glimpse of him, turned around and managed to jump over a rusty trash can. She had to get away. She manoeuvred her way down the sparsely populated streets, zig zagged through the market stalls, and ran across the bridge near a park. She was hoping to lose him, she would rather die than be in his incarceration. She then ran over a second bridge. I’d rather jump off a bridge than be caught by that idiot, she thought with an overwhelming sense of survival. She looked back, he was catching up. He seemed not to be running out of breath. She always knew he wasn’t human. Miranda decided to waste no time. With agility, she quickly jumped onto the ledge of the bridge and made that life or death decision. She took in a deep breath–and jumped…