Let me tell you that you are more beautiful than what society says.

Let me tell you that you are more valuable than what society wants you to realise.

Do not think that all hope is lost and all doors are closed because of the melanin you possess.

You have unlimited power, unlimited intelligence and unlimited beauty.

Let me tell you about how your skin glistens in the sun. Let me tell you about how the sky needs you to feel purpose. Let me tell you about how the stars need you for guidance, and let me indeed tell you that the earth needs your aura to survive.

Banish those who don’t see it, expel those who don’t value you and ignore those who choose not to see you.

You don’t need anyone’s approval or validation. You were validated long before conception, and you are great regardless of who thinks they have permission over you.

Walk in authority, speak with power, and move with grace. Dump the masks that society gave you to wear. Burn the disguises that society says make you more acceptable. You aren’t to be altered, and you damned well don’t need to make insecure people feel better.

Let me tell you that I see you and I appreciate you.