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Don’t look to anyone for validation. Choose yourself, don’t wait for anyone to choose you. Accept yourself, don’t wait for anyone to accept you.

People’s opinions are only as valuable as you make them. What you say about yourself is what is most important. How God sees you is most important. Many people don’t understand your value the way they should, some might, and some will come with agendas. It’s your job to treat yourself like the queen you are, no one else’s. They can follow suit if they wish, but don’t completely put the responsibility in their own hands.

Concentrate on yourself, invest in yourself. There are some things that you can do for yourself that no one else can do, yet we rely on people to do it for us. This lands us in a dangerous place of vulnerability; and in the wrong hands we can be manipulated, misused, and taken advantage of. Some of us continue to put up with it because we don’t think we’ll find anyone else.

We as women need attention, love, appreciation, cherishing… But we tend to look for it in the wrong places and expect it from the wrong people. I tell you this, if you love yourself more than anything first, you automatically raise your standards of what you will tolerate. Rejection and abandoment do not strike fear into your heart or bear any blows. As cliché as it sounds, it really all does start from within. It’s progressive and can’t necessarily be done overnight, but when achieved, it is nowhere near easy for another to hurt you. It then does not become easy for one to question their worth when another rejects them. Self attained worth and validation acts as an anchor. You cannot be moved if you stand firm in belief of yourself.

I wish I could speak to every woman, I wish I could help every woman. But for now, I’ll do what I can. Continue to walk in the aura of majesty. Light and love.