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This venture was never planned. Something of pure chance.

After my experiment at X Factor, being turned down, and realising a pattern emerging at the event; I decided I wouldn’t let that get me down. I came to the point where I dared to be different, dared to do something different. I wanted to amaze. I then came up with the idea to learn a song in Spanish and upload it to YouTube. I had no idea that within a matter of minutes that the maker of the song would discover me and seek me out. I was both shocked and touched. Seeing such a warm reception from Spanish speakers and receiving the appreciation of taking the time to learn their language (without any prior studying of the language). I would like to thank the Spanish speaking community for their ongoing support. It means the world to me.

I began to grow in greater admiration for Spanish music, flamenco in particular. I call it the soul music of the Latin world. It is a spiritual music. Authentic, true, genuine. I fell in love with it instantly. My soul was enchanted, I was never to be the same.

I will continue to teach myself these songs, it gives me a fulfillment and a happiness that I can’t quite describe. I find it to be my way of keeping in touch with Spain from a distance. My spiritual link. I miss Spain very deeply, and flamenco music is how I stay close.

How the people of the music industry perceive me is something that can go one of many ways. Some people might applaud me and spur me on, some might wonder why I would do such a thing. As I have also personally experienced, some people get intimidated by a black woman teaching themselves another language and doing it well. It is a spectacle, and they prefer to protect their current acts, rather than an ‘outsider’ taking their heat. If these people were smart, they would understand that my versatility is valuable and something to embrace instead of being intimidated by it. Life has taught me that anyone who sees what I do as something to fear isn’t someone you would want to do business with anyway. I’ve had producers even tell me that I came to the wrong country and I’d be better off somewhere else. I can only laugh at such nonsense. Many can say that I couldn’t have achieved what I have done so far, so why believe unbelievers? I will continue and the right people will eventually find me. Good help finds good people. Nothing will stop me loving Spain, the Spanish, and their music.

We’re in an age of artists being versatile, so why not do what people do not expect and to an exceptional level? Very few Black women singers are being signed nowadays, since we’re apparently not marketable to the rest of the world and it’s expected for us to sing well. I find this all as discriminatory nonsense. But I guess if you want to be successful you have to be unique and stand out.

Watch me do just that.

London love!