How does one go about their future? What if you’ve gotten to adulthood and you’re still confused?

Yes, I may have a degree in English Language and Literature. Yes I may have years of experience in the glorified field that is retail. However, I have come to a point where I’ve realised that most of that doesn’t mean anything and doesn’t exactly get you places. I’m finding it quite difficult to choose a career path for myself and I’m getting more and more confused.

I am an intelligent, confident, and enthusiastic young woman but I just can’t seem to figure out exactly what I want to do. Retail is burning me out whilst graciously killing my soul. I have applied to graduate jobs, left with the impression that I dazzled them only yet to be denied. For what I would say were bogus reasons. Is there no place for confident women to be successful in society?

The office isn’t exactly the place for me as I’d want a career that I’d feel I was helping people or making a difference. I’ve been implored by family to try and become a teacher–which I ardently refuse. I always thought I’d be a singer as well, but I’ve seen a few things happen behind the glittery curtains that made me run for the hills. It’s still in my heart to do, but not with a corporate hand pulling all the strings. I am a writer, I thought it would be a sinch to find writing jobs and the like… Proved much more difficult than I expected. These last few months I feel I have been running around in a maze containing only dead ends.

Does talent, confidence, leadership spirit, positive energy count for nothing anymore or am I just doing something absolutely wrong? Heck, if I were being really honest, I’d say I needed a year away from everything, but my bank account would heartily laugh at such a proposal.

Life really is unfair, harsh, and cold. What can you really do? How does one keep their head up? Can I be the only person going through the same thing? I came up with a saying a few days ago:

‘I’m too talented and skilled to be broke’

The trouble is convincing others and having to convince them in the first place that this is the truth. I do have my fears though. I don’t invest in something for too long. I’m afraid of putting so much in to something for it to not work out in the end. When you’ve seen that happen with your relatives’ aspirations, it mentally deters you. Some would say, ‘oh, keep looking for jobs! You’re bound to get one.’. But when you hear bogus things like ‘you talk too much’ (that of which I don’t) and ‘We don’t think you’d be able to close the deal, or sell to businesses’ when that in itself is something that can be taught (it was an entry level job might I add); it makes you think: is this worth fighting for?

I just need to find a place that welcomes a person like me and has similar ideals to my own. But in this capitalist culture we’re stuck in, I feel like someone like me doesn’t fit in too great with all these places. There’s always someone looking to exploit or manipulate another. No truth or dignity. So how does one make honest money? For too many years I’ve maintained jobs that I’ve abhorred, but knowing I have too many skills to be stuck. The agony and frustration!!

Whilst trying to avoid spiralling depression, I do call out to the Internet stratosphere and ask for any advice that you may have or any opportunities you could point me to. It shouldn’t have to be like this for me forever. It just shouldn’t.

Peace and love,