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On a delightful, sunny day I decided to visit the Brasilian barbecue restaurant that is Cabana. This was the Stratford Westfield branch. Instantly met with authentic Brazilian decor, music, and smiling faces; I knew it was a good choice.

Taking a look at the menu, it is quite limited compared to most restaurants. You tend to feel as if there isn’t much choice. I decided to keep in mind that it is a barbecue focused restaurant and there’s only so many things you can barbecue or grill!

The lovely lady took her time to explain the menu to me and was ready to help me with whatever I needed. I went on to order the ‘Passarinho’ for a starter, which was fried chicken rubbed with seasoning and herbs. I also ordered Spicy Malagueta Chicken with sweet potato fries. The fried chicken was succulent, beautifully seasoned, and accompanied with a delicious sauce. The Spicy Malagueta Chicken was brought to me on a huge skewer which I found exciting, and I was even more excited when it came to eating it! I was further impressed by the juicy selects of chicken that were, again, well seasoned. Not spicy as claimed, but that’s forgivable. The sweet potato fries, of which were my first time trying, were delicious and well cooked.


I took the time to try the house sauce, it was tangy, sweet, and with the right amount of spice. A wonderful complement to my meal. I would actually consider buying it! Yes, they have options for you to buy their sauces on the day! Genius. Quite impressed at that, it’s creative, and not what you’d expect. There’s also options of buying their cookbook, too. I sense a small business on the side here!

After all that quality food, I still had room for dessert. I ordered scoops of ice cream, which was heavenly. By this time, mind you, I was knocked out. Too much good food in one sitting takes a strong person, I tell you!

There were a few drawbacks, as any restaurant will have. I had to sit on a bench that had two levels to it as it was where two benches met, I found it quite uncomfortable so I shifted my table a bit. I also saw something in my food that looked a bit weird. It almost resembled spider legs to me, but I’m sure that’s not what it was. I was sitting by the open window, so it could have been something that flew into my plate. Who knows! I noticed this near the end of eating my meal, however.

All in all, Cabana is a wonderful restaurant with wonderful food and music. The drinks were wonderfully refreshing also. The atmosphere is ultra relaxing and you feel welcomed there, which is always important to me when going to any restaurant. I give Cabana a strong 8.5/10, I will definitely be going back and recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Peace, love, and good eating!


Disclaimer: This is an independent and unbiased review, I was not sponsored to share my findings.