The most unexpected thing happened: O-Town, my teenage obsession, came back together! Excuse me whilst I have a defibrillator used on me, because this is the kind of news that only happens in movies! Snuggle up, get popcorn or some tea, and let me share my story of when I became and O-Town appreciator.

Back in 2001, as a starry-eyed 11 year old, I would wake up extra early during my summer holidays to watch my favourite show–Making The Band. I enjoyed watching the O-Town boys have their dreams come true and seeing the success. Then with the success also came the drawbacks. The scheming manager (who shall not be named), along with their schedules being spread thin… It all became too much. Either way, I felt like I was a part of that journey with them, supporting them from afar.

I also remember the countless hours spent watching the music channels waiting for their music videos to come. These were the days before YouTube, mind you! Then there would be me freaking out when the video would finally come on. Unforgettable. These are the moments that stay with you forever. I also remembered asking my mum if she could buy me their album, and I was hit with a fervent ‘NO’. Very sad times. I recorded it off the radio anyway and played it constantly, I got magazines they were featured in even though I’m not a magazine person! True dedication there. When O-Town first came on the scene, all the kids in my class were into Destiny’s Child, but I was proudly in to O-Town. I liked being different! Those years in my life had their ups and downs, but O-Town’s music kept me happy through it all. Sounds cheesy, but it’s totally the truth.


Dan, Jacob, Erik, and Trevor are all genuinely kind and wonderful men. Ok, I may have never met them (yet), but it’s unmistakable when watching them and seeing them together. O-Town are more than a band, but a brotherhood birthed by musical destiny (Yes, I said it). I’m so happy to see that their bond has stayed strong throughout the years, that they are willing to share their bond, and their love of music with us once again.

And if their reunion wasn’t epic enough, *takes in deep breath* I will be seeing them this Friday in London! *screams* It still hasn’t sunken in yet, but I’m sure I’ll be bouncing off the walls soon. I’m sure it will be a wonderful night. Women (probably all of us will be over 20) all singing O-Town classics in unison. I’m sure it will be magical. Words can’t describe how fortunate I feel! Heck, I’ll probably write a post on the event itself! Watch this space.


On the off chance that O-Town (or their representation) read this, I just want to say… Hi!!! I also want to say thank you for taking a chance with making the band and having a positive effect on many. You taught many, including me, what it means to be happy; and allowed us to be apart of something ethereal. For that, we ALL thank you.

Peace and love to all!