Please don’t stop being amazing. Don’t stop dazzling. Your uniqueness is more vital than you’ll ever realise.

You are a force, you are a presence. You are energy. Don’t throw away the power that lives inside you. Bandits were set in place to attack you from birth, but don’t let them leave your vault empty. What you have is more valuable than you can comprehend.

You can’t stop being yourself. You don’t know who needs you. They might need you in a way you’ll never know, and in a way they might never tell you. Sometimes your presence is enough. You might be the sunshine to that little leaf in someone’s spirit. Never think that conformity is worth more than helping a person find self discovery because of you.

The people of the world are dying in ways that are more than famine and disease. We are dying emotionally and mentally, and we need to step up and help each other. Strange powers have been trying to pound us to pulp from the days of the early ones, we just have to come up with a new strategy to be invincible. That is simply being who you always were. Being true to yourself, your desires, and your goals.

Let others watch you so they have something to go by. Authenticity always made the difference, and it always impacted lives. You cannot afford to throw that power away.

Shine in all your glory.